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making time for exercise

Stay fit even on a busy schedule with these 8 easy fitness hacks!


hether you're a full-time student, a parent, employee, business owner - or a combination of many roles, you're bound to be busy.

On top of work and other responsibilities, there are relationships to maintain, passions to pursue, and let's face it - fun to be had.

These days, you'll rarely meet someone who isn't just as busy as you are. And yet, some people manage to find time for fitness, while others continually struggle.

It's not that they don't want to be fit and healthy, because everyone wants to look and feel their best. It all comes down to priorities!

It's one thing to want to get fit and strong, but another thing entirely to make it a top priority. The key is to schedule your priorities, rather than make what’s on your schedule the priority.

What are your top priorities? If fitness is up there, then these 8 tips are for you! Prioritising our health and fitness helps to make everything else in our lives that little bit easier, so we hope you find some inspiration from these 8 ways to fit fitness into your busy schedule!


Keep it quick

When it comes to getting fit and staying fit, consistency is key. There is no need for every workout to be an hour-long affair, and a lot can be achieved in 15 minutes!

morning workout

If you can find 15 minutes 3 or 4 times a week for some focused fitness moves, then you're doing great!

Save time and feel the burn with High-Intensity Interval Training and Circuit Training, but don't worry - it's a lot of fun and will be over before you know it.


Use your commute

How far is your daily commute? Is it possible to walk, run or cycle a few days each week? Perhaps you might catch a bus, get off early and jog the rest?

What's possible will be different for everyone, but if you can take a look at your situation and find opportunities to move your body a little more each day, then you're on the path to a fitness lifestyle.

Block out a few hours each week for exercise, and treat it like any other appointment.


Make calendar appointments

You wouldn't bail on your dentist appointment or an important work meeting, so why would you bail on your fitness appointment?

Whether you use a calendar app or a paper diary, block out a few hours each week for exercise, and treat it like any other appointment.

Fitting exercise into your busy schedule can be as simple as making a commitment and sticking to it. Once fitness becomes a priority, and you have a plan, time for exercise becomes more and more available.


Become a weekend warrior

Unless you're a booked-out social butterfly, we tend to have a bit more time to spare on the weekends, as well as a bit more energy - so it's an excellent opportunity to make up for lost time!

working out with friends

While quick exercise sessions are great during the week, the weekend is your chance to train for a bit longer, and even get outdoors.

A couple of bigger workouts over the weekend will send you into the week ahead with reduced stressed and sky-high wellbeing.

What are your plans for next weekend? Will you be getting fit… or getting you-know-what?

Getting fit with a friend may just be the solution to fitting more exercise into your busy schedule


Make it social

Is there a fitness class you've been wanting to try, but not too keen on going alone? This is the perfect opportunity to do something cool with your best friend!

As life goes on and we get busier and busier, find the time to catch up with our favourite people can be a challenge. Getting fit with a friend may just be the solution to fitting more exercise into your busy schedule - as we're much less likely to bail on our friends!

Whether you go hiking together or spot each other in the gym, exercise will become part of your social life, rather than feeling like a chore. Imagine being excited to make the time to work out?


Sign up for an event

There's nothing more motivating than a deadline! Sign up for a charity run, a bike race, or even a bodybuilding competition!

Pick any fitness event with a realistic deadline, set some goals and make a plan. Once you've committed, paid the entry fee and told your friends and family about it, you'll feel your motivation soar like never before!

Just make sure you set your calendar appointments to ensure you’ve designated the time to stick to your training plan.


Lunch break walks

Do you go from sitting at your desk to sitting at the break room table to eat on your lunch break? Here’s one of many office job fitness hacks, which also works a treat for students, or anyone needing to sit down for work: Spend your lunch breaks walking or jogging, and eat a healthy lunch at your desk afterwards!

On top of enjoying some sunshine and fresh air, you'll beat that afternoon energy slump and feel inspired to make healthy food choices for the rest of the day.


Bring a date

Have you ever done a workout with a special someone? Whether you're meeting your Tinder date at the gym or working towards new goals with your partner, a little bit of romance is great motivation to keep your exercise appointments!

Working out with your lover is sure to boost your physical attraction to one another, as well as help you grow closer and more intimate over your shared priorities for health and fitness.

The thought of getting fitter can often feel like an overwhelming task. However, it really is all the little things that make all the difference.

Once you've checked in with yourself and decided that your health and fitness IS a top priority for you, then it's simply a matter of looking for all the little opportunities to move your body just a little bit more.


From taking the stairs instead of the lift, to walking your fur baby a little further each week - it all adds up!




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