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Along with our skin and nails, the health of our hair is a reflection of our internal wellbeing. Expensive hair products and professional treatments might give your hair a glossy look in the short term, but those luscious locks won't last long if you’re not taking care of your overall health.


s nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances can prevent you from reaching your hair goals, nourishing your body from the inside out is the real secret to growing beautiful, healthy hair. Let’s explore 7 natural ways to grow your best hair ever.


Balance your hormones

Reducing stress and balancing your hormones are two natural ways you can grow your best hair ever. Stress can wreak havoc on your hormonal balance, but did you know that hair health and hormones are very closely linked?

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Stress increases adrenaline and cortisol levels, disrupting the four hair growth cycle stages and prolonging the shedding phase. An increase in stress hormones also suppresses estrogen levels and elevates dihydrotestosterone (DHT), leading to hair thinning or hair loss.

Poor gut health will make it difficult to grow your best hair ever


Support your gut microbiome

Poor gut health can also dysregulate your hormones and make you more prone to chronic stress. Naturally, poor gut health will make it difficult to grow your best hair ever. Not only does the gut microbiome produce some of the nutrients needed for healthy hair growth, but it also regulates the hormones that control the transition between the different stages of the hair growth cycle.

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With fewer bacteria causing hair loss and thinning, a balanced microbiome creates an ideal internal environment for healthy hair growth. From eating prebiotic foods to prioritising sleep, there are many natural ways to improve your gut health. One of the easiest ways, however, is to enjoy Sarah’s Day Body Bloom each morning.


Healing herbs for healthy hair

Research has shown some herbs can stimulate new growth while reducing hair loss. One of these herbs is biota Orientalis, which comes from an evergreen tree native to China, Japan and Korea. The leaves, twigs, and seeds are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat hair loss in both men and women, as well as many other conditions.


Treat and prevent iodine deficiency

As iodine is an essential mineral for healthy thyroid function, a deficiency can result in low energy, weakness, and weight gain. However, an iodine deficiency can also prevent hair follicles from regenerating. 

Fortunately, increasing your iodine intake may quickly improve your hair health while correcting the other symptoms of iodine deficiency. Seaweeds such as Ascophyllum nodosum provide some of the richest sources of iodine.


A daily dose of biotin

B-complex vitamins are not only essential for converting nutrients into energy, but they're also vital for strong, healthy hair. Not to be confused with biota Orientalis, biotin is a water-soluble B-vitamin that optimises the body’s use of keratin - the protein that our hair, skin and nails are made of. 

Dietary sources of biotin include almonds, peanuts, walnuts, soybeans, whole grains, bananas, cauliflower, and mushrooms.


Selenium and Zinc

Along with iodine, zinc and selenium are important minerals for a flake-free scalp. Like iodine, selenium supports healthy thyroid function, while zinc keeps the sebaceous glands working properly and helps with hair growth and repair. 

In addition to supporting hair health, zinc reduces free radicals, supports healthy immune system function, and keeps your skin healthy. Dietary sources of zinc include spinach, pumpkin seeds and lentils, while brazil nuts provide a very rich source of selenium.

Research shows that a lack of vitamin D in your body can lead to hair loss


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for muscle, nerve, and immune system functions, but it also plays a role in stimulating new and old hair follicles. In fact, research shows that a lack of vitamin D in your body can lead to hair loss, while other research suggests taking a vitamin D supplement may improve hair growth.

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To stay on top of your vitamin D levels, spend some time in the sun whenever you can, and add few spoonfuls of Superfood Greens +D to your daily smoothie. Not only is this the quickest, easiest, and most delicious way to get 50% of your RDI of vitamin D, Superfood Greens +D is an energising daily cleanse that provides amino acids needed for keratin production and healthy scalp circulation.


Eat foods rich in vitamins C, A and E

Not only does vitamin C support the production of collagen, but it also strengthens the capillaries that supply your hair with nutrients carried in the bloodstream. Camu camu is one of the richest sources of vitamin C on the planet, but eating blueberries, broccoli, acai berries, kiwi fruit, oranges, papaya and strawberries will also help you reach your hair goals.

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For healthy hair, we need a healthy scalp. For a healthy scalp, we need our sebaceous glands to produce an oily substance called sebum. For the body to make this natural scalp conditioner that helps prevent hair breakage, we need to get plenty of vitamin A. Pumpkin, carrots, and sweet potatoes are rich sources of beta-carotene, which your body converts to vitamin A.

Just as too much sun can damage your skin, it can also harm the health of your hair. Vitamin E is found in nuts, seeds, avocado and spinach, and it works like sunscreen from the inside out. Filling your diet with vitamin E rich foods will help protect your hair while you’re outside getting your vitamin D!

In addition to providing B vitamins and several essential minerals, Tropeaka Acai Powder is a source of vitamins C, A and E!


Tropeaka Hair Complex

There’s now an easy way to get the herbs and nutrients needed for nothing but good hair days! Tropeaka Hair Complex contains biotin, biota Orientalis, selenium, zinc, vitamin C, and iodine-rich seaweed to support your immune system, thyroid function, and skin health.

Tropeaka Hair Complex

This daily capsule is scientifically formulated to target hair health and promotes increased hair growth and volume – check out the raving reviews!




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