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setting goals

Invest in your success and stick to your goals with these 6 foolproof productivity hacks.


e the change that you wish to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Q. Change is inherent to all life, and all of us are constantly changing - whether we notice it or not. We can change quickly or slowly, for better or for worse… So how can we take control of change and decide on the journey we want from life?

A. We set goals for the long-term and the short-term - and we stay accountable to them. To be accountable not only means to take responsibility for our own goals, but it also implies that we take action.

Staying accountable means we're committed to what we want, we know we deserve it, and we remain honest about it - both with ourselves and with others.

Whether or not we reach our goals comes down to just two things:

  1. Our intention.
  2. Our attention.

When we get clear on what we want, focus our attention, and get intentional with our actions - we accelerate our personal development.

Most people wish to live a life of service and contribution to the world, but our number one duty in life is to ourselves.

Focusing on our goals and living at our highest potential is not selfish. When we put our own needs and goals first, we have more energy to serve our friends, families, communities and the world as a whole.

This is why completing tasks or challenges that bring us closer to our goals is such a great feeling.

Where are you going on your journey? Are you staying on your path?

Here are 6 ways to stay accountable to your goals and live in alignment with your highest self!


Selective scrolling

In the age of social media, we need to be intentional about what we give our attention to. We must question everything! Why do you use Facebook? What do you want to get out of Instagram? Are the YouTube videos you're watching educating or inspiring you in some way?

Be honest with yourself about the content you're consuming, and decide whether you need to do something like a ‘mass unfollow.'

If you've been inspired by something on social media - that's great! It has served to light the fire, but now it's time to put the screens away and focus your attention inward. Consume your carefully selected content in small doses, contemplate it, then and take action!

To be honest and accountable, we need to check in regularly with ourselves


Mindfulness and self-care

“Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” - Eleanor Brownn

To be honest and accountable, we need to check in regularly with ourselves. We do this through mindfulness and self-care practices, such as meditation, journaling, singing, dancing, spending time alone, and getting out in nature - just to name a few.

exercise for self-care

When done regularly, these practices increase our ability to concentrate, focus, stay present, and tap into our infinite inner wisdom.

Mindfulness enables us to get to know our weakness while focusing on staying present and doing the best we can in each moment.


Write, read, feel, believe

Journalling is an especially helpful mindfulness practice, as it creates a written document of our goals, feelings and mindset while helping us identify any obstacles (mental or situational) that are lying between here and our goals.


Extend your journaling practice to include SMART goalspositive affirmations, and daily or weekly reflections.

To go beyond accountability and to start manifesting your dreams, start Scripting. This is a really simple, fun and effective Law of Attraction technique that we can use to consciously create the life we want. Learn how to write your first script!


Identify blocks and unkink your hose

Our mindfulness practices will help us ask some critical questions about the way we spend our time and energy each day. Are you doing X because it's what you choose, or because it's expected of you?

Do the people you're spending time with help you grow, or are they draining your creative energy? How much time do you spend doing activities which serve you?

Self-sabotage occurs when our own choices put kinks in our hose, blocking the flow of our life. It's also the number one reason why people don't reach their goals.

Positive change and growth can feel new and uncomfortable, so we self-sabotage. Our lizard brains prefer to maintain the feelings that are familiar to us, even if those are feelings we would rather not have.

For example, If we're used to feeling low-key anxiety, self-sabotage will ensure we drink 5 cups of coffee as soon as we start feeling too calm and confident.

We need to stay mindful and question why we have certain habits. Without judgement, take action towards strengthening your best habits, recognise the discomfort of new feelings, and be prepared for the potential of self-sabotage.

This is all part of time management and energy management, which are crucial to staying accountable to our goals.


Find your tribe

Spending less time with people who don't make you feel good is another part of unkinking your hose, but finding your tribe is just as important. Whether you come together online or in-person, joining a community of like-minded people is a great way to stay accountable to your goals.

You may have just one accountability buddy who you share your goals and progress with, or perhaps you could create a closed and safe Facebook group where everyone posts about their progress, shares their dreams and supports one another.

Your tribe could also include someone like a coach or a personal trainer who provides you with that additional one-on-one support and that extra level of accountability.

When we treat ourselves with loving kindness and move through life more lightly


Be your own cheerleader

Rather than letting your internal voice speak unkind words that make you feel guilt and shame, talk to yourself like you would talk to a dear friend.

Being too hard on ourselves and taking things too seriously can destroy our motivation, but when we treat ourselves with loving kindness and move through life more lightly, we become unstoppable. Cheer yourself on with positive affirmations and mantras, while avoiding comparison with others. Rather than looking outward, just keep looking inward - because we are all here for our own unique journey and purpose.

The process of positive change can be difficult, as we can't really see it or feel it one day to the next. However, we can always manage what happens today. One day at a time, we get to write our own stories. So, let's not allow one lousy page turn into an entire chapter, let alone the story of our lives…


Habit by habit, choice by choice, we can all stay accountable for our goals. When we achieve our goals and continue on our personal development journeys, we're continually raising the vibration of the Collective Consciousness. So, as we grow, the world becomes more compassionate, kind, healthy and abundant!




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