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Posted on 17 Jul 17:54
Three-Thirtyitis is that dreaded beast that arrives half way between lunch and dinner where sleepiness sets in and you’re day dreaming of a better life in your bed.

Being tired is one thing, but another common symptom of Three-Thirtyitis is being seriously hungry, and you’re wondering how you’ll get through the rest of the day!

Three-Thirtyitis can hit us all without warning, some more than others, and tends to show its ugly head around the office, or for the busy mum or dad that has been on the run all day.

Thankfully there are a few great strategies that can be used to kick start the mind and body, and get your day back on track, moving full-steam ahead!

Here are our 8 favourite strategies:

1. Get Your Body Moving

As soon as you start moving, your body is stimulated into action, oxygenated blood flows through your body, and your mind becomes awake and refocused. In fact there are many studies that show exercise reduces fatigue particularly when done on a continual basis.

The good news is just getting up from your office chair and taking a quick walk, either around the office, down to the nearest café, or outside, will get your body and mind refocused for the rest of the day.

2. Tropeaka Boost Blend

To keep an alert mind and body it’s important to be feeding your body with the right food. We’ve all experienced the sluggish, fatigued feeling after a big meal, commonly referred to as a “food-coma”. This happens when you eat too much food that isn't easily digestible and doesn’t supply the body with the key nutrients your body needs to function at 100%.

Therefore if you want to fight fatigue it’s important to take something that’s easily digestible and floods your body with energy-filling nutrients.

Our Tropeaka Boost Blend does exactly that! Take the Boost Blend once in the morning and again in the early afternoon along with a healthy lunch and you’ll see a great improvement in your overall energy levels throughout the day.

3. 5-10 Minutes of Power-Relaxation

Fatigue is your body’s way of saying “I need some time out”. The best way to do this is through what we like to call power-relaxation.

Power-relaxation comes in many forms, but is simply focused around re-charging your body through centred-breathing, meditation or consciousness (being in the present moment).

There are many great guided YouTube videos you can use that are 5-10 minutes long that will guide you through relaxing and re-charging the brain.

You’ll be surprised once you do this how awake you’ll feel once you spend a short while relaxing, and removing yourself from your current environment and stressors.

Here are a couple of guided meditations to start, here and here.

4. Take a Power Drink

Don’t take an energy drink, take a power drink!

While an energy drink will give you that ‘rush and then crash’ feeling, a Power Drink will provide your body with ongoing sustained energy that will get you through your day!

We’ve already talked about taking the Tropeaka Boost Blend, but other great options to add to your arsenal include, Green Tea and Kombucha (Tropeaka Kombucha coming soon!)

Green Tea is full of polyphenols a powerful antioxidant immune-booster that fights free-radical damage. It also has a good amount of caffeine, which is less than coffee but enough to give you a good energy boost without the jitters.

Finally, Green Tea also improves brain function and improves physical performance due to the amino acid L-theanine.

The other exciting Power Drink worth mentioning is Kombucha, a fermented tea drink that’s been made for centuries by cultures around the world.

It’s recently grown in popularity, and rightly so, due to its many health benefits.

Kombucha is used in many parts of Asia as a sports drink, because of its energy boosting properties, and has a number of other health benefits including being a great source of probiotics for digestive health, a detoxifier for cleansing and having a large amount of antioxidants to help boost your immune system.

5. Have a Power Nap

A power nap isn’t always possible, but for those that aren’t in an office environment, or on the run and have 20 minutes spare, then a power nap could be one of the best things to fight of Three-Thirtyitis.

The dangers of having a power nap are waking up feeling groggy and sluggish if you sleep too long. There are many studies on naps, with most studies saying a nap between 10-20 minutes is best to feel energised and avoid any grogginess upon waking.

The other option to avoid feeling sluggish is to sleep 90 minutes which is one full sleep cycle, however, for most people 90 minutes isn’t a possibility around mid-afternoon.

6. Eat a Fruit Snack

Before leaving the house, add one more item to your checklist…fruit!

Fruit is a great way to quickly boost your energy. An apple or pear are ideal, as they have a lower GI than other fruits with higher sugar contents such as; pineapple, bananas, berries and mangoes.

If you feel like a more sugary piece of fruit, then try to combine the fruit with a low GI snack such as nuts or seeds, which will lower the overall GI of the meal.

7. Listen to Upbeat Music

It’s no surprise that many of us reach for upbeat music when we’re at the gym, or preparing to go out for a party and it's because playing the right music is one of the best ways to feel energised and lift your overall spirits.

Music can also play a major role in improving our health, including reducing stress and anxiety, improving immune function and even reducing pain.

So the next time you’re feeling sluggish mid-afternoon, why not turn on some upbeat music and sing along, like nobody’s watching!

8. Have a Shot of Tropeaka Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is one of the most powerful superfoods on the planet. With a complete amino-acid profile, a complete range of B vitamins for all-day energy, potent amounts of vitamin A, C as well as magnesium, potassium and calcium; wheatgrass is a truly powerful superfood!

Tropeaka Wheatgrass can be bought by itself, or in combination with our Ultra Cleanse Blend. Keep some at work and at home, so you have it whenever you need it most!


Our 8 favourite strategies to combat Three-Thirtyitis will have you feeling energised and ready to finish off the day.

To feel truly superhuman it’s best to combine a few of these strategies at once. For example you could take a Tropeaka Wheatgrass Shot followed by our Boost Blend, and then get your body moving while listening to some upbeat music!

There are so many great combinations to choose from, so pick a few and see what works best for you!