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Posted on 4 Apr 14:26
If there's one thing that’s on everyone’s list of desires, it's energy.

The reason we all want more energy is simple: the more energy we have, the easier it is to achieve our other goals. When we increase our energy levels, then it's only a matter of time before we see a fitter, stronger, healthier and happier version of ourselves smiling back at us in the mirror. Chronic inflammation is at the heart of this low energy epidemic. Inflammation stems from a number of causes, from poor diet, an overworked lifestyle, ongoing stress and anxiety, as well as many environmental factors and underlying health concerns.


The comforting news is, studies are continually showing the importance of diet and exercise in ridding a person of underlying sickness and bringing them back to optimum health with boundless energy. Change is possible! Are you ready to take the first step?

Here are 8 ways to increase your energy, starting today:

1. Remove inflammatory foods

If inflammation is at the heart of all sickness, then it's essential to rid the body of any foods that cause an inflammatory response. Food containing dairy, wheat/gluten, artificial sugars and sweeteners, trans fats, alcohol, low-quality cooking oils, factory-farmed and processed meats should be avoided.

There is, of course, wiggle room to allow for these foods on occasion, but this should be no more than 10-15% of your total diet.

Try removing these foods entirely for six weeks, and you'll see a massive difference in your energy levels and overall health. We guarantee you won't be craving these inflammatory foods once you feel the difference!

2. Drink Cleaner Water (And More of It!)

You can survive for many days without food, but without water, it could be lights out in less than 72 hours. Up to 60% of the adult human body is water, so the more high-quality water you drink, the better your body will perform.

Tap water is polluted with toxins, including fluoride, heavy metals and other contaminants, so choosing a filtered source of water is the way to go. Drink water that has been purified, either by using an in-home purifier or by purchasing spring water in bulk from the shops.

Make a habit of drinking up to 3-4 litres a day, and you'll see a big difference. One of the easy ways to incorporate more water into your diet is to drink 1 litre of filtered water upon waking up, then keeping a water bottle with you throughout the day.

A couple of fun ways to drink more water and increase the health benefits, include flavouring and alkalizing your water, drinking organic green teas, and taking hydration to the next level with coconut water.

3. Boost Your Immune System

A huge amount of energy is used on the daily functioning of your immune system. If your immune system is properly cared for and boosted in the fight against sickness, then more energy will be available for other areas of your life.

We have a number of immune-boosting Superfoods which will promote optimal daily health in your life, and therefore greater daily energy.

We would also recommend Vitamin C, which has ascorbic acid. This is the chief antioxidant (sickness fighting molecule) for your body. Vitamin C can be found in high doses naturally in our Camu Powder.

4. Have a Power Nap

A power nap is scientifically proven to boost cognitive function, mental clarity and overall energy levels. It’s important to only sleep for 10-20 minutes, during the early hours of the afternoon. Don’t overdo it though, as naps longer than 30 minutes may result in a sleep hangover.

5. Look Towards Alkaline Foods

Sickness thrives in an acidic state, and although acidic foods aren’t all necessarily bad for you, it’s a great strategy to focus on increasing your intake of fresh, alkaline fruit and vegetables to optimise your energy levels, and improve your overall health.

Alkaline foods include broccoli, kale, almonds, chestnuts, ginger, cinnamon, cauliflower, watermelon, celery, berries, bananas, apples, lemons, cucumber, kale, peas, spinach and onions, peaches and pears.

6. Try High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

The benefits of exercise on your body are almost too many to count. Weight control, better moods, better sleep, higher libido, and warding off sickness and disease are just a few.

However, not everyone knows a little secret of exercise.  High-Intensity Interval Training provides a more significant benefit to your body than many other forms of exercise, and it won't take up all of your spare time. When done in the morning, a HIIT workout will kickstart your energy and metabolism, and put you in an excellent mood for the rest of the day. Start with 7 minutes and gradually build up to 20 minutes of HIIT each morning.

One example of HIIT focuses on rapidly increasing your heart rate through high-intensity movement for one minute and then returning to around 60% of your max heart rate for the next minute. This pattern of one minute high intensity followed by one minute of active rest continues for the duration of the training period.

7. Learn to Breathe effectively

The art of deep-breathing is one of the least looked at aspects of health in our modern world. For thousands of years, breathing through relaxing meditative states has increased energy and vitality for many generations of people around the world.

Today, however - most of us have sadly forgotten the power of our breath.

There are many different meditation techniques,  but practising deep breathing is a powerful approach for people of all experience levels.

Adding this practice to your morning routine or during your lunch break will provide you with the life-giving energy that comes from deep breathing. For even greater energy, take your breath-work practice out to a beautiful nature spot.

8. Prioritise Your Superfoods

As we all know, we are what we eat. In our fast-paced style of living it can become almost impossible to get the required nutrients in each day, pushing an energetic lifestyle further out of reach.

The solution? Take Superfood supplements during the day through a convenient smoothie or snack to replenish your body with high levels of energy-promoting vitamins, minerals and nutrients. When your energy is low, the thought of making changes to your lifestyle can seem very daunting, but becoming that vibrant and energetic version of yourself makes it all worthwhile. If you start making little changes today, we guarantee the only thing you will regret is not starting sooner!