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There's never been a better excuse to take a holiday!


any of us are striving towards living a healthy lifestyle, but somehow those gruelling work deadlines or late nights studying all add up after a while, leaving us in a less-than-healthy state. Can you relate?

What if you love to party and want to keep full social life as well? Go ahead, you can try - but maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a constant balancing act. So what do you do?


"I need a Transformation Vacation!"


The world of wellness travel has heard our cries, and the standard of holistic and healthy holidays continues to rise. These days, a wellness retreat is so much more than green juice and yoga on the beach!

Are you ready to plan your next getaway and get your health back on track? Let's take a look at the top 5 wellness retreats in the world!


Aro-Ha Wellness Retreat - Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand

Are you feeling disconnected from the spiritual world, noticing a decline in your physical  and mental wellbeing, or simply suffering through a dreadful nature deficit? Then it’s time for a holistic overhaul in New Zealand’s stunning and otherworldly Southern Alps!

Aro-Ha Wellness Retreat


Through epic mountain hikes, healing nutrition, functional movement and mindful immersion in yoga, Aro Ha Wellness Retreat is designed to rejuvenate the human spirit and level-up your health. Expect to leave with a stronger, leaner, more flexible body, while your mind becomes calm, clear and fully present as you overlook the expansive Lake Wakatipu.

The combination of Zen-inspired Minimalist luxury and the dramatic landscape of Middle Earth sets the scene for a truly transformative experience that supports and challenges all levels of fitness.

Injidup Spa Retreat is less about getting shredded and eating clean, and more about romantic sunsets, stargazing, and other sensual experiences


Injidup Spa Retreat - Yallingup, Western Australia

This is one for all you lovebirds out there. One of Western Australia’s sexiest little secrets,  Injidup Spa Retreat is less about getting shredded and eating clean, and more about romantic sunsets, stargazing, and other sensual experiences with your soulmate.

Injidup Spa Retreat


Think luxury day spa with couples massages, champagne with locally-crafted chocolates, and sampling the award-winning delights of the Margaret River Wine Region from your beachfront villa.  

As if a private plunge pool wasn't enough, guests are just a few steps from the secluded and stunning coastline. This perfect little paradise in the Indian Ocean boasts serene natural rock pools, sheltering swimmers from the crazy waves in the blue beyond.

Reigniting your love and connection is an important part of a couples wellbeing, so book your adults-only getaway today!


Haramara Retreat - Nayarit, Mexico

On 12 acres of tropical Mexican jungle that opens up to a pristine private beach, Haramara Retreat is truly nestled in nature. The sweeping jungle views are juxtaposed by an incredible infinity pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean, while an open-air spa delivers the pure bliss of being pampered in the great outdoors. The outdoor spa services include a wide variety of massage styles, from traditional Japanese and Swedish to Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology and Chi Nei Tsang.

Haramara Retreat


With yoga at the heart of this sensual retreat, guests sleep in huts without electricity, enjoy organic gourmet food, and have two gorgeous yoga pavilions with panoramic views at their disposal. Not far from the retreat site, guests can also go cycling, snorkelling, whale watching, bird watching and paddle boarding, as well as diving amongst the spectacular tropical marine life.

Are you an ocean-loving yogi in search of a supportive environment to relax, renew and restore? Haramara translates as ‘Mother Sea,’ and it may just be the place to be.


Journey Retreats - Uluwatu, Bali

Journey Retreats are focused on pushing your fitness to the next level, with daily group workouts and personal training included. It's much more than just burpees by a beautiful beach in Bali though! There is mindful downtime-a-plenty, with ample opportunity to reconnect with yourself, with each other, and to rediscover what wellness means to you.

Journey Retreat

Image: Instagram - @journeyretreats

Journey Retreats have also collaborated with Plant Proof to create their first ever plant-based retreat in Uluwatu, Bali. Plant Proof’s founder, Simon Hill is not only a qualified physiotherapist who has worked with professional athletes, but he is also completing a Masters in Nutrition.

Guests attending the July 6-12 retreat will enjoy a 100% vegan menu co-designed by Simon Hill, nutritional guidance, an open forum on plant-based nutrition, remedial massage sessions, private and group yoga classes, surf lessons, motorbike rides, along with everything else you’d expect from a beachside Bali paradise!

Are you ready to find out what a fully plant-based diet, a solid fitness routine and plenty of downtime can do for your mind, body and soul? Then this is your week in paradise!

The Rythmia Way fuses ancient wisdom and modern healing techniques.


Rythmia Life Advancement Centre - Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Rythmia is everything you might expect from an all-inclusive, medically licensed luxury resort and life advancement centre! Appropriately located in one of the world’s five Blue Zones, the services and experiences available at this stunning Costa Rican property are nothing short of life-changing.

Rythmia Life Advancement Centre


With everything from Ayahuasca ceremonies and psychotherapy, to volcanic mud baths and life coaching, the Rythmia Way fuses ancient wisdom and modern healing techniques. After medical evaluations with staff physicians, guests are guided by the likes of Michael Beckwith and Gerard Powell towards creating a life they love.

If you’re just looking for a relaxing, healthy trip to Costa Rica, then maybe Rythmia isn’t the right wellness destination for you. However, if you’re ready to make epic change in your life and experience phenomenal growth, then you might like to enter the monthly retreat giveaway draw.


Despite our busy and often stressful lifestyles, more people are prioritising their health, fitness and personal development than ever. When vacation time comes around, we’re now looking to unplug, detox and reconnect. Upon return from our next trip, we don’t want to be 5kg heavier, exhausted and uninspired. Instead, we want to feel spiritually guided, physically fitter, emotionally more balanced, and mentally clearer.

Where in the world will you go to strengthen your mind, body and soul?




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